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Library: Library Policies

Library Policies

  • Library Cards:  The Martin ID serves as a library card for Martin students, faculty and staff.  It is used to check out materials and to access other library services.  Beginning Fall semester, 2017, your library card number is your ID number from your class schedule, followed by the letters MR. You must visit the library and have library staff scan your ID into the library system before you check out books or place holds for the first time.  (If you are taking classes online only and don't have a Martin ID card, the library will be happy to set up your account by e-mail.  Just e-mail us at )

  • Non-student Library Cards: ​ Non-student community members from Martin, Bertie and Washington counties may apply for a library card by visiting the library with a valid picture ID.

  • Checkout Limit:  You may have a total of 6 items checked out at a time, including up to 2 DVDs.  Items are due back in 2 weeks and may be renewed twice, for a total of 6 weeks, unless someone else is waiting for them. 

  • Food & Drink:  Please eat in the cafe or the student lounge in Building 4, not in the library.  Drinks with lids are OK in the library.

  • Cell Phones:  Cell phones must be kept on silent or vibrate in the library.  You must go into the lobby to talk on your phone.

  • Noise:  Please be considerate of those studying around you.  Carrels along the back wall are provided for those who need a quiet study area.  Three group study rooms are available.  The community college library is provided for academic study and research, so we ask that library visitors closely supervise children under 16 that accompany them.


Computers, Printing & Copying

  • Computers & Wifi:  Computers are available in the library for use by Martin students and community members. Patrons who use computers must present a photo ID upon request by library staff and must also sign in and out. MCC students, faculty, and staff should use their MCC ID badges for computer access.  Wifi is also available in the library.

  • Printing:  There is no charge for Martin students for printouts related to their classes at Martin.  Printouts for personal use and printouts for non-Martin students cost 10 cents per page.

  • Photocopying:  A self-service coin-operated photocopier is available in the library.  Copies cost 10 cents per page.

3D Printing

3D Printing

The 3D printer is available for use by students faculty, staff and community patrons.

  • The user will provide the 3D desgn to library staff on a flash drive provided by staff or via e-mail to the library help e-mail.
  • Library staff will load the design into the printer and monitor the printing. Users are not permitted to load their designs or use the printer themselves.
  • Items printed will be charged at a rate approved in the annual fee schedule (currently 20 cents per gram), with a minimum charge of $1.00.
  • Items printed at the request of an instructor for a class will be charged to the department.
  • Items not picked up after 30 days will be disposed of and charged to the user's library account.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse any 3D printing reauest.
  • Applicable disallowed uses of the Internet also apply to 3D printing

To view the complete 3D printer policy and procedures, see below:

Following is the link to MakerBot's Thingiverse site, where you can find free plans for 3D printing.  There are many other sites on the Internet with plans you can buy or download for free.