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Online Library Orientation: Getting Help with Citations

Getting Help with Your Citations

Don't panic! 

You have plenty of resources to help you

with your citations:

  • Choose one of the tutorials on this page (depending on which format your instructor has assigned) and watch it to get more detailed instructions on creating citations in APA or MLA format.
  • Use the print APA and MLA manuals in the library.
  • Purdue University has created a website called Purdue OWL which contains instructions and examples in MLA and APA format.  The website is located at:
  • Articles in most databases have a citation tool that will create the citation for you for your References or Works Cited list.  (Check each citation you get from the citation tool with another source to make sure there are no errors.)  Don't forget to create the corresponding in-text citation to go within the text of your paper.
  • If you need help with a tricky citation, finding a print manual to look at examples of citations, or navigating Purdue OWL, ask the library staff!

APA Tutorial

MLA Tutorial